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iPad Games - Most Popular iPad Games for iPad Users

Developers are gearing up to unleash their wares on Apple's iPad. Although the device is compatible with the vast majority of existing App Store content, the iPad's larger screen has led many developers to look at reworking apps for the platform. Games are likely to feature heavily, in part due to the iPhone and iPod touch becoming surprisingly strong competition for the DS and PSP.

But with the iPad's aforementioned larger screen, and the manner in which it's held and interacted with being very different to using an iPhone, the best iPad games won't necessarily be those topping the App Store charts today.

Taking into account the quality of existing titles and the technical and practical benefits and limitations of the iPad, here are top 10 iPad games we want to see. Meet More iPad Games you can Click this Games Resources.

1. Civilization Revolution
The latest instalment of the long-running and popular Civilization series is a disappointment on all handhelds. This isn't because of the simplified overhead maps, but the lack of scale and the tiny viewing area. But on the iPad, simply being able to see more of your world would make the game ten times better. (Although, truth be told, we'd sooner see Civilization II, III or IV come to the iPad.)

ipad games, Civilization Revolution

2. Monopoly
The iPad has the potential to revolutionise board games. No more fiddly pieces, setting things up, and yelling as your dog's wagging tail demolishes everything. On the iPhone, the screen is too small to comfortably play the likes of Monopoly, but the iPad's 10 or so inches should be enough.

ipad games,Monopoly

3. Scrabble
Perhaps in part to Lexulous and people simply writing more these days, due to blogs and social networking sites, Scrabble is enjoying a new lease of life. It wouldn't work well on a single iPad - after all, you'd see your opponent's letters. But wireless multi-iPad games would be great. Even better: have the board on an iPad and your letter rack and scores on individual iPod touches and iPhones.

ipad games,Scrabble

4. Championship Manager
Data-intense apps suffer on tiny handhelds, meaning deeper games rarely get a look in. But with 1024 x 768 pixels to play with, the likes of Championship Manager should be able to shine on the iPad.

ipad games,Championship Manager

5. Flight Control
Firemint was tight-lipped when we asked how Flight Control, its line-drawing masterpiece, will be reworked for the iPad, only noting it'll do "more than just upsize the graphics". Bigger maps are a possibility, but what we'd really like to see is a split-screen simultaneous two-player mode.

ipad games,Flight Control

6. GeoDefense
The vector-based tower defence game GeoDefense would look marvellous on the iPad's bigger screen, but the increase in resolution would also enable bigger maps and precision placement of units. Other tower defence games would also benefit, especially those that require map-scrolling on the iPhone.

ipad games,GeoDefense

7. Red Conquest
Like Civilization, real-time strategy games will profit from having a resolution closer to that of a laptop than a mobile phone. In the case of designed-for-iPhone Red Conquest, this means rapid access to more of the map, but ports from the PC such as Command & Conquer will benefit even more.

ipad games,Red Conquest

8. Galcon
This real-time 'Risk in space' works nicely on the iPhone, but feels a little cramped compared to the PC and Mac versions. We'd expect an iPad version of Galcon to feel more open and have a little extra visual polish. More traditional Risk games, such as Lux, should also reap rewards from the iPad's larger screen.

ipad game,Galcon

9. Orbital
This one-thumb orb-destruction game is a true iPhone classic, the videogame equivalent of very addictive drugs. The iPhone version of Orbital was demoed on the iPad at Apple's live event, which the developer says was a surprise to the team. He reveals that Orbital HD is in the works, with "pin-sharp textures, a redesigned user interface, and a two-player mode, so Orbital can be played like a table-top arcade game". We can't wait.

ipad games,Orbital

10. 'A decent pinball game'
There are plenty of good pinball games for the iPhone, such as Pinball Dreams and Zen Pinball, but all suffer from the tiny display. The iPad should banish scrolling, not turn detailed and complex tables into mush, and be the apex of mobile pinball gaming.

ipad games,A decent pinball game

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