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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPad?

Posted on January 19, 2011 by editor

You can use the Transfer Purchases from iPad option under the File menu to copy iTunes Store purchases from iPad to another computer. You cannot, however, transfer songs from other sources from the iPad library to iTunes. You'll need to follow the steps below to use iPad as a hard disk to transfer music files from computer to iPad. This process will require the use of iTunes 7 or later on all computers. You will need to update any computers with iTunes 6 or earlier to follow these steps.

Guide: Transferring Music from Computer to iPad

Step 1: Launch iTunes
Launch iTunes and you can drag and drop the song files or folders with the music files to the iTunes window. The music files will then be added to the iTunes library.

Step 2: Connect iPad to Computer
Attach your iPad to the computer. You can then drag and drop the songs from the iTunes library over to the iPad device, which should be listed on the left side.

Step 3: Transfer Music from Computer to iPad
It can take a while for music files to transfer. You can see the progress of the music file transfer at the top of the iTunes screen. When you are done moving msuic files to the iPad, you can eject it by pressing the eject icon next to the device on the left side.

Transfer Music from iPad to Computer for backup or enjoyment with others. iPad to PC Transfer can transfer any iPad content to computer, to iPad/iPod/iPhone or iTunes easily.

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