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How to Install Java on iPad?

One limitation of the iPad device is that it cannot access Java content on websites. Java is a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. While you cannot directly install Java on iPad, you can download and install an alternative Web browser that will allow you to view Java content on your iPad device.

The following tutorial will introduce an app to help you set up java on iPad easily, and the iPad doesn't support flash content, you can use Flash Player for iPad to view flash movies, games on iPad.

Install/Set up Java on iPad Tutorial

Cloud Browser is an useful app which lets you access and browse websites with Flash and Java applications on you iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

Step 1: Download Cloud Browser on iPad

Go back iPad's home screen, tap app store on iPad home screen. On iTunes right corner, type "Cloud Browser" in the search bar. Click "Search" to find the Java app.

Step 2: Install Java on iPad

Cloud Browse is a paid application and $2.99 is the current cost of the application. Tap the "Buy Now" button. It's OK for setting up Java on iPad.

When you open any website in Cloud Browser, all the flash content on the site is processed on a remote server and than it displayed on your iPad.

setting up java on ipad with cloud browse

With Cloud Browse you can control the browser as Mobile Safari:

Scroll the page by flicking your finger;
Tap with one finger to navigate links and select textboxes;
Hold down one finger on screen to bring up a magnifying glass displaying what's under your finger;
Two finger pinch is used to zoom the view.

Now you can view flash on iPad and open the Java content when you browse a website. So easy to install Java on iPad, try it now.

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