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Delete Photos on iPad

Posted on January 08, 2011 by editor

Q: "My kids have learned how to take screen captures on the Apple iPad which means that I now have tons of them in my Saved Photos album. Not good. Is there a fast and easy way to delete photos on iPad?"

A: You're in luck, because apparently the folks at Apple have also had a similar experience because they do let you work with more than one photos at a time, though it's not particularly obvious how to do so when you're viewing an album. The good news, though, is that it also lets you easily collect up 3-4 photographs or pictures and email them to a friend, if you're so inclined.

How to Delete Photos from iPad?

Step 1: First step is one that you have already figured out: tap on the "Photos" icon. In the Albums view, notice that you have "Saved Photos" as an option. Choose it.

delete photos on ipad step 1

Step 2: On the top right, there's a small box icon with an arrow bursting out of it.

delete photos from ipad step 2

Step 3: Tap on that icon and you'll see the top bar change to indicate you can select more than one photo and take a group action with those selected, rather than tap to see a specific photograph.

select and delete photos on ipad

Step 4: Tap on a couple of photos that you want to delete. Each has a small checkmark added to its preview. When you've selected those that you want to delete, simply tap on the "Delete" button on the top left and you can delete photos on iPad easily.

delete photos from ipad is done

This should delete photos on iPad which you saved directly from your iPad. But if you have synced the photos from your PC, then you should delete them through iTunes. Sync your iPad with iTunes and delete the photos which you don't want.

If your iPad space will full, you need to transfer your iPad conten to a hard drive for backup or enjoyment. iPad to PC Transfer can transfer photos, movies, playlists etc from your iPad to your computer easily and fast.

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