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How to Play Farmville on iPad?

Zynga, the developer of the popular Farmville game on Facebook, has now created an app for the iPhone and iPad to allow users to play Farmville on the go. Before you start playing, you must have two things: a Facebook account and the Farmville app.

Play Farmville on iPad - Navigating

All your controls for navigating on your farm are located on the bottom right side of the screen. If you're used to playing Farmville on Facebook, the controls will look a little different than normal. There are four menu/tool sections versus the normal six. However, don't fear, all your tools are still there.

play farmville on ipad navigating

When you select a menu, navigate through the various options by scrolling either left or right. If you selected a sub-menu, reach the previous menu by selecting the Back button.

Play Farmville on iPad

playing farmville on ipadUsing the menu/tool buttons, select a tool or object from the marketplace. Plant crops and trees to earn coins. Place animals, which can be harvested, to earn coins every one to four days. The more crops you plant and neighbors you help, the more experience points you earn, which allows you to level up, gaining more features. The best way to learn how to play the game is by simply jumping in. Most of the features are self explanatory and as new items and features are introduced, a description of the feature or item is immediately available to view.

As you learn how to play Farmville on iPad, you may notice a difference in available options, such as managing your craft shops. As the app develops, Zynga will continue to add more functionality to make Farmville on iPad as interactive as the original game on Facebook.

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