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How to Add Personal Videos to iPad?

Posted on March 01, 2011 by editor

So you may not wish to transfer personal video from the format pictured at left to your iPad (or maybe you do and will find this post of little assistance), but many would like to add their personal cinematic creations to the iPad. Your motivation could be driven by having a portable new toy to cure feelings of nostalgia as they arise or from a narcissistic need to notify everyone of the recent news concerning your nuclear family. Regardless of the reason, transferring personal videos to iPad is something that can be accomplished, but it isn't as straightforward as most may like.

Presently, many take videos using a Flip camera, or one's video recording capable smartphone. Unlike the ease of use featured by most Apple products, transferring personal videos to iPad can be relatively difficult.

One will notice that when trying to add videos to iPad, most video cameras do not capture video in a format that will play directly on the iPad. This presents the user with the task of having to convert video clips into a file type that works on the iPad. Further compounding the issue is the fact that Apple has yet to produce a Windows-compatible feature for iPad-compatible file conversion.

To convert video to an iPad Video Format, one can use several different apps. From the best iPad video converters we reviewd, Cucusoft DVD to iPad Converter Suite is a top option which works for PC users, albeit not without UI issues, extreme speed limitations, and doesn't use the processor of one's video card. That said, the program is easy, and completes batch operations.

Add Personal Videos to iPad steps:

Step 1: Click "Open file" to load your personal videos;
Step 2: Click "Profile" drop-down list to select output format for iPad;
Step 3: Click "Convert" to start conversion.

convert google video to ipad software

Alternatively, one can add personal videos to iPad the same directory as the "Photos" section of iTunes. What this option allows for is configuration of one's iPad to monitor photo directories, where it will display videos in the photo viewer of the iPad and not in the pre-installed "Videos" app.

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