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Transfer Files from iPad to iPad 3

More and more rumors about iPad 3 on the internet, some say that it has many new features, has more larger resolution, thicker than the current version and more rumors. Whatever new features or iPad 3, if you are interested in iPad 3 and intend to puchase one. The data sharing is important between your original iPad and new iPad 3.

As everyone knows, the iTunes is a great tool for us to sync local files to iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3 for enjoyment, first, the formats are recognized by iPad 3, you need a clear understanding of the knowledge iPad 3 file format. The Video Format for iPad 3 is one of the knowledge.

Sadly, the iTunes can't help us transfer files from iPad 3 (including iPad, iPad 2) to computer or iTunes for a backup, now you need a third party app - iPad Transfer Software, it can move most of files from your iPad 3 to PC, then you can sync these files with other iPads.

Download the free version by clicking "Free Download" button.

Sync Files Between iPad and iPad 3 Steps

Step 1: Attach your new iPad 3 to PC USB port via the Apple USB cable. This iPad 3 Transfer Software will detect your iPad 3 automatically, if your iPad 3 device isn't be shown on the main screen, please press the "Refresh" button.

connect ipad to pc to start copying files from ipad to ipad 3

Step 2: On left catalogue, hit the name of the item which you want to transfer to computer. For example, click the "Music" item, all music will be displayed on right window. You can view the item in list or thumbnail modes.

Then pick the files and highlight them, on top toolbar click the item to start transferring files from iPad to computer.

export ipad files to pc

Step 3: You can press the "Advanced -> Options" to set the output destination. After transferring, please open and view the transferred files on your local.

At last, close this iPad 3 to PC Transfer and eject your iPad from computer, then open iTunes program and connect your iPad 3 to PC. Head to "File -> Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library" to import the exported files to iTunes library. Now it is easy to sync your iPad 3 with iTunes.

It's OK about how to transfer files from iPad to iPad 3, you can open and view the iPad files on iPad 3 without limitation.

Free Download iPad to PC Transfer

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