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Unlock iPad 2

Jailbreaking has gone into the cloud. Visit the website on your iOS device, slide the big button on the front page and you're done. It's that easy. It works for iPhones (including the iPhone 4) and also iPad 2.

The unlock iPad 2 to allow access to the file system and install any app you like, used to be done via your computer with a downloaded program. You'd plug in the iDevice and work from there. It was easy, but this is easier still. No doubt the US federal regulators' recent ruling that jailbreaking iPad 2 is legal has emboldened the hackers: Apple can't have the site taken down now, after all.

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The cat and mouse game that is jailbreaking is not over, though: Just because unlocking iPad 2 is now legal doesn't mean Apple has to support it. The hack works through a PDF exploit in Mobile Safari. Comex, a member of the iPad 2, uses Safari's PDF decoder to run the code. Because Safari automatically opens PDFs, the jailbreak iPad 2 is run. Expect Apple to close this hole in an update, if only for security purposes.

Our iPad 2 Unlock and Jailbreak solution is so amazing that it has already been downloaded by over 50,000 people all over the world. That's right people in 75 different countries are using our solution to jailbreak iPad 2 and unlock iPad 2 and that is within a couple of months of our launch in 2011. Not to blow our own trumpet but this makes our iPad 2 solution the best and the most used in the entire industry.

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