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Free iPad 2 Music

As far as using the iPad 2 for music and audio purposes, there aren't any key new tech features that stand out, apart from the new A5 CPU with it's dual core CPU and improved graphics capabilities, which will enable developers to write even more complex apps (hopefully), so maybe in the future we can start using multiple music apps simultaneously.

Free iPad 2 Music - GuitarPad Midi

Way to play the guitar with your iPad 2 into a midi input device. Support for string bending. Built-in synthetic guitar sound source. Features: Push string control pitch bend wheel.

Free iPad 2 Music - Pulsr XT

Pulsr XT lets you create music loops and beats by chain reactions. With a simple interface and an innovative concept of musical creation everybody can create music in no time. Modify your creation in realtime and share it with your friends online.

Free iPad 2 Music - filtererMoPixels

Filterer is a chunky little low-pass filter with resonance and an LFO. Here's the feature-list:
* First finger down on the screen has X-Y touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance.
* Second finger down on the screen has X-Y touch control over the LFO speed and LFO amount.
* A "hold frequency" function for the filter cutoff.

Free iPad 2 Music - HexaChrom

HexaChrom turns your iPad 2 into a musical performance controller, enabling you to wirelessly play your OSC or MIDI electronic musical instruments, virtual instruments running on a laptop, desktop computer, or any hardware instruments attached to your laptop, desktop computer.

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