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Add Bookmarks to iPad 2

Bookmark is a very important features that Browser must have right? Bookmark allows us to save our favorite websites, pages, posts from other website and using this we can surely access our best websites that we previously saved. Now on your iPad 2, using your Safari browser we gonna teach you how to enable this Bookmark feature. This is really simple tutorial tell you add bookmarks to iPad 2 but it might help you more.

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Adding Bookmarks in Safari for iPad 2

Step 1: On your iPad 2 select "settings" from your iPad 2 home screen. Now select safari from the setting column and slide the "Always show bookmarks bar" and switch to ON.

Step 2: Now you've activated the bookmark feature on your iPad 2 device, now launch your safari browser and have a simple testing. Go to a website and add it on your Bookmarks bar. Tap "+" to add bookmarks to iPad 2, the tap in the space which it says Bookmarks.

how to add bookmarks in safari for ipad 2

Step 3: Tap the Bookmarks Bar. You will be taken back to the previous display and can now save the bookmark. It will now show up in the Bookmarks Bar for super-quick access.

Done for adding bookmarks in Safari for iPad 2. Enjoy your bookmark bar.

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